Dimitri Daskalidès is a 5th generation of Belgian master chocolatiers.
Since 1760, his family can be traced back to the Ottoman empire. His
ancestors provided the Sultan of Constantinople with their famous “Marrons
Glacé”. candied chestnuts and fruits. The family members have been crafting
sweets for generations that have included the famous Turkish delights (an
Anatolian honey nougat), a delicacy that can be traced back to Greek antiquity.

Members of his family have invented several of the most iconic Belgian sweets
and chocolates. His great-grand uncle Leonidas Kestekidès, in 1897, created
chocolate coated candied sweets. His chocolate coated candied orange peels won
the Gold Medal at the Brussels World Fair in 1910. The fabulous White
Chocolate ‘’Manons’’ was invented in 1933 by his uncles Dr. Jean Daskalides
and his grand uncle Basile Kestekidès. His family later opened iconic chocolate
and pastry shops, during the 20th century, alongside of the other famous Belgian
chocolatiers such as Godiva

Today, the family brands, Leonidas, Daskalidès, Confidas, and Chocodim,
compete with other world famous brands such Godiva, Neuhaus, Corne, Jeff de
Bruges, Côte d’or and dozens of amazing young Belgian chocolatiers and candy
makers. Belgian Craftsmen has chosen the amazing Nougats “Vital”, the sweet
Deliska Belgian Pralinés and other fine Belgian delicacies that showcase the
heritage of Belgian food craftsmanship.