This is a 3D pop up card containing eight delicious belgian pralinés.

The perfect gift for the ones you love.

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Contains 30 chocolacards

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About us

Deeply rooted in Belgian craftsmenship is a culture known for their traditional and surrealist fine arts, wonderful architecture and producing the finest chocolates in the world.

 Chocolacards were born after two world travelers met in an airport, both seeking to buy souvenirs to bring back home to their families, colleagues and friends.

Chocolacards are a combination of two Belgian crafts : the art of transforming 2-Dimensional pictures into magical 3-Dimensional pictures and meticulously crafted Belgian delicacies.

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Belgian Craftsmen s.p.r.l.
Rue du Progrès, 2
4821 Andrimont, Belgium

Cell : +33 6 12 35 88 25
Office : +32 87 70 49 53

Ikarou 5 – Pegaia 
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